Mirror Your Soul

Deep Breath slowly care
as for the words to come
should make you aware
for your current feelings to blossom

Are you hunger for raw reality
or for fantasy and immortality?
Are you inspired to dream
or tired and angry ready to scream?

Are you reading the words
or are you spelling out your mind?
Mirror your soul as for this is what it is about
Happy and relaxed in enjoyable breakout

Please again, this is my pledge! Mirror your souI..
As for we CAN, this is our time together...
Our two minds can dream as no other
So for fantasy reality foul..

Mirror Your Soul and let’s live with the wind,
Let if flow, Raw Fantasy Into Reality
A dream nurtured by the two of US
by the togetherness of our minds.

by Florida Angel

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The emphatic repetition 'mirror your soul' is entrancingly refreshing.