AR ( / Topeka, Kansas)

Mirrored Heart

Shards and shards lay on the floor,
Not of glass, but of my heart.
Only one thing, but so many pieces,
How can I ever mend it again?

I loved you, I still love you,
I trusted you, I still trust you,
You lied to me, and still you lie,
And you left me alone and broken.

What did I do to make you lie,
If it was me that made you lie,
Why did you hurt me? You knew I cared,
But still you broke my fragile heart.

I can’t deny feelings still exist,
I’m trying not to let them win,
But you though you talk, you still don’t help
For actions will always show the truth.

Love me or leave me, that’s all I ask,
Make up your mind, then please tell me,
Was it all just a game to you,
Or did you really love me too?

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