The mirror stared back at their figures and smiling,
Granting their wishes by reversing the timing,
The mirror back then not subject to grinding,
That time caused while beauty was winding,

Whatever they wanted to see it was told,
Instantly became each ones own mould,
At first a bit shy over their bodies they fold,
Keeping them warm away from the cold,

Some wished for more and some then for less,
Everyone perfect no need to assess,
Every curve had an place its own address,
They loved what they had with every caress,

The owner of the place where the mirror was hold,
Lasted many generations but also grew old,
Knowing the danger if the mirror was sold,
He looked out one morning into the cold,

A dot in the snow grew larger he saw,
A frozen cold monk came closer to thaw,
For the monk was happy with a bed of straw,
The owner discovered the monk had no flaw,

The monks' possessions was a robe and his mind,
The owner agreed to the mirror to bind,
A heavy old weight hiding from mankind,
The monk's advice would also include the blind,

The monk agreed to hide in some books,
The properties of the mirrors' good looks,
With secret codes he spend nights at the brooks,
The secret recipe would evade all the crooks,

In a monastery in the coldest of lands,
One would find advice in the oldest of hands,
A world away not controlled by the brands,
A riddle tied up in leathery strands,

The first book on the last page is all about 'care',
All the things worth your time that you have to dare,
It speaks of the things like money a snare,
Remember good compliments and observant be there,

The second worn book on the second last page,
This is where most would need a great sage,
Things that can only come with old age,
Show how with patience to cover all rage,

The third book on the first page all seem quite average,
A single word circled yes the word 'massage',
Never underestimate the value of the old adage,
That closeness help to forget all your baggage,

These three things on the surface a sample,
When highly polished will prove quite ample,
Look around you for this example,
And following closely it's more than a sample

Arno Le Roux 2014

by Arno Le Roux

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