Mis Quince

Today is the day, my day to be special.
My day to be a princess, with my crown and dress.
My hair is curled, my make up is pretty, my dress flawless.
The photographer arrives, and turns into a paparazzi.
Full of energy, yet tired of smiling and my day has just begun.

The limo has arrived, its time for church.
I walk down the aisle, all eyes on me.
I begin to feel nervous and hold on tighter to my friend.
Pictures, pictures and more pictures, yet its so much fun.
We file into the limo, the photographer recording my every move.

The ballroom begins to fill with family and friends.
The time has come to do my dance.
Praying in my mind there are no mistakes.
The lights dim, and the talking goes silent.
My dance begins, and before I know it, its over.
My perfect day has come to an end.

by andrea mireles

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