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Mis~understanding You

Misunderstanding you had been sweeter than love
Misunderstanding you had been more peaceful than a dove.

Though it still hurts,
to think that I once thought I understood you more than anything in my life.
to think that you were it…the love of my life.
to think that you were mine and no one elses.

I was wrong, you proved it to me.
You showed it to me…
You TOLD me I was wrong.
Than I heard you.

I was embarrassed, I was annoyed.
I was sad, I was crying.
I was dead for that second, my soul left me.

Later on…
The harder I tried the harder it got to take you away from my mind.
I was sure that it wouldn’t, my love for you was as still the same.
I was sure that I couldn’t, I really loved you till I shouldn’t.

It was worse than living in hell, living with that feeling,
until I was…
Sick of crying,
Tired of trying.
Thinking you also had the rush, and never knowing it was just a stupid boy crush.

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