Poem Hunter
CA (April 20 1991 / Pennsylvania sadly)


You were once mine
Inside of me, a life
You were made out of me
And God and a man
Growing, entombed in comfort
With everything you needed
Waiting for yor arrival
But I'm so confused
Is it a good thing that you never had to see this earth
You never had to feel any pain or ever get hurt
Or is it a bad thing that it's my fault you died
I am to blame for your lost life
It's my fault that you never had a chance to change this world
I wish I knew which to follow
But confussion aside
I still wish I could have loved you so much
I wanted to hold your little hand
And put it against my heart
So you would know your heart beats with mine
But it's my fault you never got to be

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Comments (2)

As the person below said. The last line is the killer, methinks. My heart goes out to you. A fine piece of tribute and introspection. Words offer little comfort so I won't blather on; suffice to say, the old cliche is true; time heals, or at least mitigates the rawness. t x
Cheyenne. My heart goes out to you. I have lost one too and also found some relief in writing about it. Time passes but you will never forget. I just have to think that it happens for a reason. You will never stop loving them though, even if you can't hold their hand. Clair x