BR (April 15,1988 / Vermillion AB)


Trying to find inspiration in a time when I am lost.
Concentration quickly turns into frustration..
Trying to wrap my mind around the situation.
Anticipation starts to develop on what is to come.

Life calls for action, never settle with what you have.
Live life in the fast lane, put the petal to the metal.
Never slow down, however tempting it might be.
Greed is the only thing that will live forever.

At the end of the road there will be no applause.
Everyone has flaws, don’t put life on pause just because your not prefect
Don’t wait for your soul mate, it will be way to late.
Fate is a fairy tail. Create your own destiny.

Everyone is a grenade without the pin waiting to blow
Step out from the shade, why would you want to fade.
You have been weighed, in one way or another.
Don’t be afraid to be betrayed, as it will result in a boring life.

Let your self ignite in the darkness of the night.
It could excite a fight in you, sending you in to an unknown height
Tonight could be the night where everything is O.K.
The white knight will not contrite tonight.

Don’t wait around to feel, even if it is surreal.
Somebody is waiting to steal what you’ve already got.
Keep the wheels turning on your automobile.
Don’t conceal your scars, because they are real.

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THANK YOU! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Truly amazing! ! ! that describes me a lot, i found out yesterday that I'm scared to death of filing or of messing up, or not being good enough. so I needed to hear this poem I'm also scared to open up because I've had some friends who have just used me a lot. an amazing poem, that was really well written! ! Thanks man! ! ! !
Very interesting Brett, I believe your throwing out there, 'The Road Less Travelled'. You try something, then everyone else seems to be wanting to do the same thing, so it's always nice to have a good imagination and keep those wheels turning. Great insight