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Misdirections And Indecisions
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Misdirections And Indecisions

Poem By Jordan Cummins

Her actions said it all.
Tears ran down her cheeks.
I had to stop mid-fall;
I’d been falling for weeks.

“I can’t do this, ”
She said with pain.
This ended my bliss.
I could feel the rain.

The night was frigid,
Piercing into my soul.
Was it something I did?
I might never know.

Every step a new thought.
Every thought a new song.
Tears had to be fought.
That walk was so long.

She knew that we were doomed.
What did she need?
Slow dance in a burning room?
She watched me bleed.

Perfection had flaws.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Emotions behind walls.
We said our goodbyes.

I don’t understand.
Why can’t you help me?
This isn’t what I planned.
Maybe tomorrow? We’ll see.

© Jordan Cummins

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