Miserable Sadness

I see you loosing your zeal for life,
I see you slow down in the lane of life,
You seem to be conceded defeat,
By what, I do not know

Each day that goes by you get lost within yourself,
And your countersense dwindles, it gets consumed by the void of sadness
The flowers no longer sing when you walk by

The sparrow’s song goes grey cold with just a stare from your soul
The rainbow is formless and colorless
The crickets cower away from your glance as it chokes them when they sing

The reaper scampers away when you approach
The brightest flower turns black and withers when you walk by
Your sadness is poisonous

Your darkness is killing your beautiful softness
Your spirit is trapped in disturbia
The darkness draws on your energy and gets stronger by feeding on your goodness
Dementedness is creeping in with a wide smile

You seem not to care at all
You are calmly floating away into empty space
Here is my hand, please grab it
Let me pull you out into the light of day

You approach the midnight of your sadness
Your dawn is just a hand away
Don’t build your house in the midnight
Grab the hand of dawn

I see you loosing your zeal for life
I see you give up on life
You seem defeated
By what, I do not know.

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

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The lane of sadness is so miserables to take.........but you have to walk through........for the sake of others happiness. Good writes Liza.