You Know It Is Spring

When the yellow flowers bloom on the green wattle tree
And the turnstone from the Arctic on the far southern beaches you see
And the golden billed blackbirds in the parkland do sing
In the southern Country you know it is Spring
When the magpie lark sits in her cup shaped mud nest
With five pale brown spotted eggs kept warm under her breast
And the sparrow to her nest carries dried grass or bits of hay
You do know that Summer in time is not far away
When father emu a big bird as proud as can be
Keeps a watchful eye on his freckled family
And the countryside greener after recent showers
And the fruit bearing trees covered in fragile pink flowers
And in the sunshine a few early white butterflies flit about
You know it is Spring in the Land of the South.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (6)

Thank you for a soul searching poem.
Caught in the middle of dire change- the dark clouds of civil war approaching to pit brother against brother. He certainly caught the brutality and fearsomeness of the changing time
My country's ills! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Apparently this was written just as the Civil War was about to break out.
Storms are formed behind the storms we feel...... Man's foulest crimes may end sometime for human goodness we can wish. A great poem.
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