Bewick Finzer

Poem By Edwin Arlington Robinson

We're they found to be hypnotized?


Have any of them admitted,
To taking mind altering drugs?


What is their defense?
Why are they weeping uncontrollably?

'They tell us they have been miguided.'

That is ridiculous.
Misguided by who, whom or what?

'They are trying to convince us,
Their beliefs they can no longer trust.'

Why are they crying?

'They are claiming the repercussions,
Consequences and their current dilemmas...
Are the result of the pollen.'

Foundations are crumbling.
New diseases are being discovered on a daily basis.
The economy has tanked.
People are jobless, hungry and homeless.
And crime has become as common,
As gunshots are heard in school hallways.
People are outraged by their nonexistent leadership.
And they are blaming their failures on 'POLLEN'?
Are they all insane?

They are saying they have been misguided.'

By what?
Bad advice given to them,
By their high school guidance counselors?

'You are going to find this hard to believe...
But yes.
You hit it right on the head.
You see...
All of them are suffering from similar allergies.
And living in the same neighborhood as children,
They all were treated by the same physician...
That had presribed the wrong medication to them all.
Affecting their abilities to make the right judgements.
When those judgements should have been their priority.'

Just how long has this been known?

'Since the release of the current polls.
It seems everyone is finding them all to be incompetent.
And it is my belief they are seeking sympathy,
To regain and restore their influential images...
Enabling them to be re-elected in 2014.'

What IS this madness?
You can NOT be serious?

'I am YES!
I am just delivering the message.'

What in the WORLD is going on?

'I asked you that several years ago.
And you then told me not to be negative.
You had then accused me of being delusional? '

I remember.
But reporting this news AND smiling about it,
Borders on being sadomasochistic.
You realize that, don't you?

'I've learned so many lessons,
Concerning the receiving...
Of my own personal pleasures lately.
And, I must admit...
Some days I get a little thrill,
Observing others confused by their 'misguidance'.

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