Mislaid Mind…

She rides within the maelstrom, drifting…
moving at the mercy of the storm
unable to discern her reason…
her wisdom, or her destined shape and form

Her acumen went missing long ago,
prudence and good sense were washed away
by flooding rivers pouring from her soul
banishing defenders from her quay

A broken universe has filled her mind
tunes of harmony have been dispersed
replaced with strains of unremitting pain
cacophonously screaming, she’s aspersed

with accusations tortured by her wits
fashioned brutal by indignity
bestowing glutted flames and devastation
seeking to become what she believes

Secluded, she avoids humanity
while sanity, eschewed, pounds at the door
and smoldering, alight with anarchy
the self she was, drifts further from the shore…

by Betty Jo Hilger

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