DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

Misplaced Souls

Momma can you still love me my life has gone so bad
With everything you taught me all the things I had
I guess that I forgot the parts the ones you said I'd need
The words you used for me to hear I guess I didn't heed

And now I am a beggar the beggar on the street
I guess I really screwed up this time no place to rest my feet
I'm the beggar on the street the one that you pass by
Disheveled clothes and matted hair so filthy to your eye

Sometimes I wonder how I got here it all came on so fast
One day I was just like you the next I needed gas
My car is where I live sometimes and others its a shack
I know to you I'm filthy and to me you'll turn your back

The sign I carry sometimes reads that I am 'Out of work'
Or maybe it will say to you 'A vet and I will work'
They mean the same I have no cash no assets do I have
A sign that reads 'Will work for food' is all I own or have

It wasn't supposed to be this way my plans and dreams they mattered
But somehow things did not work out the clothes I wear are tattered
The thing I want for others to know is that I'm still their brother
And all I want when said and done is to be home with my mother

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