Miss Cinderella, Sing My Song

This is one of my poems in my current erotic poem book I am writing to publish later this year. And please it is all based on imagination!

The smell of her strong musky fragrance
Imposed on me a certain disturbance
Clearly in the air there was no romance
Perhaps that was a sign of its entrance

That night I slept but a little
My fingers in a constant fiddle
Tossing and turning
My imagination running
Wow! She was stunning

Her lips alone I couldn’t dismiss
Even with a single kiss
I simply do not know how to ‘take the piss’
Those delicate rosy cushy red lips
Needed seven times seven daily kiss trips
With special tantalizing nurturing from my lips

Her large beautiful breasts
Lay hidden beneath her blouse
She was not yet my spouse
Yet every part of me was aroused

I’ll like to grind my body upon her thighs
Feed her lips with laughter and moaning cries
Share intimacy with her below the midnight skies
Someday maybe together we may fly
Who knows how high if we try!

And when she spoke
Her words alone were electrifying
While I listened mesmerising
Memorising every word she spoke
Until my brain was literally soaked

I like to kiss her body inch by inch
Tease her with every flinch and with soft pinches
Touch and caress her smooth black ebony skin
Taste her breasts as our love manifest at a love nest
Pin her to the bedroom wall and make love to her gently
Talk to her beautiful body all night tenderly
Her juicy pie will get wetter than wet
So she will never forget the day we met

On a beautiful night of poetry
With women writers making history
Her thoughts were with another
At first I thought her poem
Was about her sister or her mother
Never guessed it was her ex-lover

It seems Miss Cinderella
Is still hanging on to what is gone
Miss Cinderella
Sometime, I’ll like to take you out for some fun

The wonderful night past
She vanished so fast
No phone calls, just occasion text and emails
Where have I failed, or have I failed
Before I even started to set sail?

I can’t call now, Life’s pressure is written on my wall
I’m not entitled to pleasure in my crystal ball

But it seems Miss Cinderella
Is still hanging on to what is gone
Miss Cinderella
Sometime, I’ll like to take you out for some fun
Take a walk with you under the sun
Massage your body beautifully as we take turns
Play hide and seek as we take shelter and run
I could bake you one of my delicate buns

Miss Cinderella
Stop hanging to what is gone
All that is past and done
My passion for you is about to be born
My feeling for you is better than none
I invite you to sing with me my song
There is this feeling I have
We cannot be wrong!

Copyright 2006 - Sylvia Chidi

by Lovina Sylvia Chidi

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