Miss Havishams Letter

The sun rises in the morning,
And the sky bursts open with light.
I*ll just lie here mourning
As all hope is out of sight

The sky is smiling,
A multicoloured smile
While I sit here frowning
Because apparently it’s my style

Time is running fast
But can’t it just freeze
As I dread what tomorrow holds
If time doesn’t cease

So the world can carry on
While I stay here
Trapped in this time frame
With just one salty tear

In my white wedding dress
Dirty and deformed
Bitter old alone,
But its my fault as I was warned

This is a letter from me to you
To say that you jilting me
Really hurt me too
If you didnt want me why didnt you just stay
You jilted me now sad I shall stay

From Miss Havisham

Miss Havisham Is A Character From Great Expectations By Charles Dickens And We Were Doing A Character Study On Her So I decided To Find Out More About Her x

by Lisa John

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