(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Miss Laura’s ‘social Club’

We visited Miss Laura the other day
As she took us on a tour
Through the rooms of the ‘Social Club’
Ah, those memories still endure

The pictures on the wall attested
To the style from back in those days
It’s kind of difficult to imagine
Miss Laura’s methods and her ways

Fancy dresses and feather boa’s galore
The ‘ladies’ wore with pride
I’m sure they loved to wear them all
But there was nothing they tried to hide

There were rules at Miss Laura’s, however
That everyone had to abide
A six-gun was handy in a drawer
So they all took those rules in stride

Yes, we had a tour and delicious lunch
Irwin especially wore a grin
We enjoyed this interesting Social Club
And where Miss Laura’s life had been!

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