Knowledge Is Not Frog In Well

Frog in well defined as knowledge confined,
Come out of it with knowledge refined,
May be areas used so compact and defined,
Inherent possession is must …………………

Knowledge or power to spread over horizon
Frequent debates, contacts taking place in zone
In depth study and answer with solid reasons,
Surely to find result as that of seasons,

When Sun rays emerge and shine in sky,
Darkness disappears and still no one ask why?
Spread of knowledge end misery and plight,
Go ahead and cruise with direction and flight,

We may remain aloof and total in disarray,
Supremacy to gain with permanent sway,
Never yield to blackmail and not to give away,
Should make it with easy access and way?

Can Sun be blanketed or hidden with shade?
Will swords be useless in front of spade?
Knowledge is like power so will emerge and surface,
May be more accurate as heat from furnace,

Deep buried inside with innumerable secrets,
Inside vision may understand and interpret,
Efforts may be needed to understand it more,
Secrets may be unveiled and result come to fore,

Nature never confines or secrets hide,
You may need vision with angle wide,
Always do part with but not with any side,
Water waves move on with calm or tide,

Why mountain volcano erupts and cause land to slide?
Suggest more open ways to think and decide,
Power is force which can't be retained,
Prisoner to be released if wrongly detained,

Knowledge is power and has to be realized,
Widespread of area has to be materialized,
To die with the secrets does not serve purpose,
Even kings abdicate when fear sudden depose

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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Wonderful xxx Martina