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Miss Murdered(My Name)

Your walk in the dance in my heart
And your heartbeat screams my name
I'm spilling over thoughts of you
It's always been this way.

No longer breaking,
Still being broken;
Would you look at me
If I wasn't outspoken?

'Madame Lost cause'
'Beautiful Disaster'
'Ms. 'Why Not''
I'm the source of your laughter

Pain of my heart
Love of my life
The question of the year
Is 'W-H-Y? '

Some man yesterday
Asked me my name
I told him 'Miss Murder'
And he said 'stay away'

It's not true.
My name I mean
I've never murdered anyone
YOU murdered ME!

Beat of my heart
Laugh of my throat
You almost had me
So you gloat

I love you, I hate you
It's all the same
It's alright darling
'Ms. Murdered''s my name

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