BB (03/02/93 / Surrey, England)

Miss Mystery

Sometimes she thinks it is the best thing in the world
No one will ever figure her out
Keep them on their toes, she says

But I can see in her eyes
Even now, she is arguing with that
And with a billion and one other things

Her little arguments chase each other
They run, race and scatter around her mind
Never resting, on and on

So full of thoughts, arguments and wishes
Sometimes she feels they will spill out of her ears
Swim around her until she drowns in her own inner monologue
Sometimes she wishes they would

So complicated, no one seems to see quite how much
She'll convince herself it's a good thing, people insist it is
She won't believe it for a second

One day, I hope someone makes her believe
She will watch as they gather up her thoughts for her
Slowly putting the pieces together

Slowing her down, letting her thoughts rest
So full of thoughts, they will do a beautiful dance
Leaping and skipping, calmly around her mind
Until they settle, peaceful

Maybe no one will ever figure her out
Maybe she's meant to stay like this,
Miss misunderstood, Miss Mystery

And just maybe...She will solve her own mystery, one day

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