Miss No Word, I Love You

Miss no word
I love you
I love you more
Than all the love i ever had
But even at that crescendo
I can't go any further

I doubt not that
Your beauty is a thousand fold
A symmetry of thousand mermaids

I doubt not that
Your voice snares a heart
And tames a den of thousand lions

I know
That the diamond in your eyes
Sheaths the sun
And enslaves the moon and its stars

But there is more
Inured in a woman
Just the more i need in you

Love me not
If you don't truly love me
But you must
Handle me with some respect
For me to keep the hope
As i hope, you will truly love me.

Abuja, Nigeria'.

by Ibrahim Sambo

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A well articulated love poem nicely penned from the heart in poetic diction with conviction. A good piece indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.