I was addicted.
I was on such a high that laughter would burst out of me for no good reason.
The smiles that would emulate from me were contagious.
I could drift off at a moment's notice, wafting off my addiction.
People knew something was different, that I had changed.
I couldn't help it, it was so enticing, so inviting, invigorating even!
I enjoyed every scrumptious minute of my high.
I was hooked!

Reality came to my door one day and without warning, without notice
Without so much as a hint of what would occur
I would never have detected what would happen to me next
It was gone in the blink of an eye, it left me yearning, pining
Going through a pure aching withdrawal, that was as painful as a thorn in the side
I was frightened, scared of this new feeling, where did my fix go?
What do I do? Can I get it back?

I began spiraling downward into depths of destruction.
I was frantic, what was I to do now?
No one told me if I didn't have it, that I would become so unfocused, so lost, so alone
I craved to have it again, it was hopeless, it was no longer available to me
And I didn't know how to adjust, how to live my life each day without it
A girl in love never does

by Freda Copeland

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I remember my aunt with man's shoes
Sad and tender write on how what we experience in our lives can have such devaststing effects on our aesthetics. Nicely written piece.
This poem is a very sad poem. It tells of a life of struggling! No good luck, but bad luck towards the end of her life.