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Miss Thing

She knew she was all that
Couldn’t anybody tell her anything?
She wore clothes that were chic
Look like a million bucks.

She was like ice,
When she walked in the room everybody froze
Other women were jealous, but who’s to blame
Every man wanted her name
She would tell them “Miss Thing”

Everybody wanted her, but she wasn’t for sale
She wore diamonds on each hand
She had a name for herself
A woman who don’t need a man
She has beautiful self-esteem

Little kids want to be like her
She would tell them

Be yourself, don’t be ashame of who you are
It don’t matter what other think of you
Keep your head up and they will follow you
Don’t try to be me, try to be better
The kids asked for her name
She would tell them “Miss Thing”

Everybody knew she was going places
But she already knew that
She demanded respect from everyone
Some people would try to give her advice
But she would walk away without listening

She tell them I’m a woman not a child
You give a child advice about themselves
Don’t tell me about how to be me
I’m a grown woman with a lot of dreams.

She would finally her comment with
Just in case you want my name
Everybody call me “MISS THING”

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It was like a roller coster some parts where 10s and some parts was 5s...