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Miss X

One surely cannot blame Miss X if she does not like men
In her dealings with the opposite sex any trust she did not win
Raped by her first ever boyfriend when she was just eighteen
She loved him but he betrayed her trust and she was young and green.

Her second great love she married him when she was twenty one
But he left her for another to care for their seven months old son
She thought he was a gentleman only later to realize
That her trust in him was betrayed in her bruises and swollen eyes.

When he'd come home from the pub he often hit her though him she did not provoke
And the one she thought was a gentleman was in truth a nasty bloke
When he left her she felt relieved she did not shed any tears
Though the memories of her bad experiences will stay with her for years

A beautiful mother in her early thirties with a primary school going boy
Miss X is happy with her lot and the single life she enjoy
And if she does not trust men do not blame her for by men she's been treated bad
And she feels that her son is better off without his wayward dad.

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