DW (24th, Dec.1986 / China)

Miss You

Sleeping over a rainy day,
Though could cure all the pain.
Rainwater overruns the entire city,
Barely washes you out of my brain.

Drifting in the emotional rapids,
Up and down, fast and slow,
Fleeting before my eyes,
Are the pieces of precious memory.

The sun emerges out from the clouds,
Light warms the land,
In the form of evaporating vapor,
Vanish the rapids.

I have been scoured out of shape,
Every corner lies part of my body.
Time and space refresh,
Over and over.
You find a piece of crystal,
Sparkling by reflecting the sunshine.
That is my broken heart in shape of,
“I miss you! ”

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Well penned poem, full of feelings, noticing that one way or another, we go through the same things, very deep, heartfelt, hope you have the chance to read my poem titled: 'MISS MISSING YOU', you will survived! Like I did! Keep it up, you are heading the right direction, Love and Peace, Romeo (Also, please, read my newly posted poem titled: ' ENOUGH IS ENOUGH', thanks for shading...
Full of deep meaning and I love the expected ending!