Miss You Much.

I miss you
you I miss
time's hold
gone now
like water
through sands
once here
slipped through
hands touch
miss you much.

I love you
you I love
feelings bold
since birth's
and given free
from me to you
and you to me
and though there
you are not
but in other world
beyond my touch
love you much.

I need you
you I need
your quiet presence
solid form
wisdom embodied
and humour too
over years we knew
and always such
I need you much.

I want you
you I want
more than treasures
more than gold
more than life's
false promises
of riches far
out of finger's
greedy touch
I want you much.

by Terry Collett

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Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.