“miss You My Love”

Poem By Omar Khalid Hashim

When we go back to the memories,
We will close our eyes a little bit,
How many times we wish if we will be a spotter blind,
So as to not wake up from those dreams,
And from those memories,
I was napping this night,
I come back to my memories of that place,
Where we were the revival of the three of us (you, I and that tree) ,
My spirit took me to that place,
Where we sketch on the tree our characters names” you, I”
You deported and I stayed alone,
I wish I was with you or deported with you,
But remained letters of your name on that tree,
I want to tell you that I pulled those characters of your name in the tree,
I put it in my bag,
But the fact I did not put it there in my bag,
I put it in another place,
I have place in my heart,
And that place just for you,
My love I will irrigate those characters by my tears,
In every morning and evening,
So as not to wilt and to never forget,
I will make it grow in the internal,
And I will take seed of it when will appear,
I will distribute between all the lover,
Oh, my love,
I was afraid about you from the cold,
When you was with me,
When we were out together in the Parks,
I was putting my coat on your shoulders,
I was feeling in your cold cheeks when I was touching it,
My love reassures me now,
Do you feel cold and you're on your grave?
My love I did not forget you,
And I will never forget you,
I was in Love with you’re alive,
And in love with you're dead,

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