Missed Call Again

Missed call again

One day....one day everyone gonna find something.. Something more valuable thn own life. Some will find freedom...and some wisdom.

And thn thr are some who ll find the PAST roaming around, side by side, step to step....walking.
Breathing beautifully, spreading the aura she always have. Lyk a labra knws the presence of owner even in the dark...
I knw the essence of her in my life.. I can smell her presence in the crowd lyk its the only odour i ever sensed since i gain that consciousness.
The hour belongs to the office but the Hourglass fig belongs to her only her...the perfect curves she hav..she always have atleast for me.

I remembered the face with the smile only she have.. The lips so red so bloody as my heart pumps just to supply them the comfort, the juice, the booze.
Thn i got the glimpse of life
The glimpse of lifetime.. She was thr in front of me.. I felt lyk this..this is the moment i never died in all those years i spend without even knowing her

She gained some weight To look more beautiful thn my imagination.
Leg piece got more thick to peace the mind and raise my gaze over her. Just the awesome amount of fat she hav nw.

She always looked lyk an angel to me in those untidy looks, unmanaged locks, Unsettled walks... In every way She is the one, only one.
Only one Who can make a difference in me.
Only one who ll do..can do

Even behind the smile i can see the sadness.. Eyes i always imagined is not thr..
I can see the worse...last tym i remember the curse......


by kay kareman

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And some wisdom! Thanks for sharing.