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Missed Opportunities

Missed Opportunities

Is it a game that we play?
Is it words that he might not never say?

He shows me what he can’t take
Why can’t they?

For heaven sake, Can’t you see he not like the rest.
I only want is what is best.

I wrote a letter that I finally had the nerve to send,
but deep down, Is it what he really needs?

I know he, and I both have a hole in
our hearts that will never mend,

He speaks, but that’s not very clear either,
I feel neither of us know what to do?

This plain to see that I see it’s a feeling he can not bear.
He is still young, and unaware of everything
I just want what is best for him.

He is my gift that he never stops what he gives,
he lives with giving all his strive.

This is the tears that I will cry,
and That he will never will see.

I hope tomorrow they hear this plea,
and see he has already have had missed opportunities.

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