LS (08/17/1950 / Cabarrus Memorial Hospital, Concord, N.C.)

'Missiing You'

Mama, I miss you so much
I really miss your laughter too,
I miss our deep conversations
For there were some things I just never knew.

Mama, I'll cherish everything you told me
And all the advice you'd so wisely give,
You taught me to have sound principals
You taught me how to live.

There were some things you told me
I was never allowed to share,
So, I tucked them away safely in my heart
And I'll guard them all with care.

I miss the ringing of the phone
Cause Mama, now you don't call at all,
You so proudly say, good morning black gal
And Mama, now you've left me all alone.

I miss hearing you talk about Daddy
And the things he use to say,
You'd say, I really do miss that man
But, I'll see him again someday.

You said, I'll tell him I finally made it
I'll tell him it was hard back there,
Now here we're back together
And free from every care.

Mama, I miss seeiing you in the window
Watching everyone go by,
You watched the big, the tall, the small
And I often wondered why.

I remember looking for one of the children
I couldn't seem to find him anywhere,
You said, wait a minute I just saw him
Yes, there he is right over there.

Oh Mama, I miss you so on holidays
And all the food we had to prepare
You'd say don't rush me, let me take my time
You did everything with so much care.

Mama, I watched how people treated you
How they displayed their evil ways,
But you were so forgiving
You said, they're only shortening their days.

Mama, you just kept on praying
I saw you do it at all cost,
You said, I don't want to see anyone
Live in this world and their soul be lost.

Sometimes I'd catch you crying
And I'd ask, Mama tell me what's wrong,
You'd look up and smile and say its alright
I was just wondering, Lord how long?

I watched you suffer and bear it
I watched you cry and go about,
You'd say Linda, don't worry about it
Cause the Lord is working it out.

Now Mama, standing here beside you
Looking down on your beautiful face,
I'm so thankful to God for all He has done
For He allowed you to leave with grace.

So Mama, you go on and take your rest
I'll miss you this is true,
But, I'm going to hold til Jesus comes
For I know He will see me through.

(Submitted By Your Daughter, Linda Stroud- written April 27th 2003)

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very warm and tender poem...moms are really a bless wether they're on earth or in heaven..may be i should take a break and call my mom...i enjoyd your poem, thx