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Missin' The Freaks & Geeks @ Venice Beach
CK ( / California)

Missin' The Freaks & Geeks @ Venice Beach

Memories of drinkin’,
beach parties, skinny dippin’.
Beach Boys singin’
‘bout me and my friends.
Taming the waves,
And roller-blades,
where the fun never ends.
I miss the mall,
I miss the geeks,
but most of all
I miss the freaks
that hang out down
at Venice beach.
I wasn’t one-
Just enjoyed the fun
Of watching ‘em
And wonderun’…..
”Is that pot I smell? ”

Now I must confide
it’s hard to be
a surfin’ girl-
with no place to ride.
Think I’ll hop a bus,
my soul does lust
for the lure of salt & the ocean.
brush off some
Of this desert dust-
Head out West:
“Good riddance” find a way
to cool down this hot blisterin’ sun! ”

“Hello you lovely
Freaks and geeks.
Hello Sea-gulls and sand.
So glad to be back,
Where the sun meets the surf
I’m so happy to be
on familiar home turf-
Lovin’ the lure of it all:
where the freaks and the geeks
And I - (“cuz I’m not one of em”) ,
will always be:
F***ing, far-out, Venice Beach!

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Comments (2)

Nice, remembering youth and missing a special place. I think this is a diamond in the rough. It does need some polishing
Cute poem. I've never been there and truthfully I don't really like crowds much so I don't plan on going. Enjoy. Nice work. Sincerely, Mary