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AR (05/01/1982 / )


Poem By Andrew Rose

What do I miss?
I miss being in love,
That touchable happiness like no other
Is a slowly faded image of emotions now,
Still, somewhat viewable I guess,
But once again
Untouchable by me.

What can I do?
How naive could I be?
If I now held out my arms, and closed my eyes,
Would you be there for when they opened again?
Oh say you would appear,
With me once more,
Just like it used to be.

That was back then,
Which seems so long ago,
When you occupied that neglected place in my heart,
When things were happier than they ever were before,
It wasn’t bad going,
To reach that high;
Will things ever be the same?

I love to love
Which tends to get me hurt,
I wish I could act in some other way,
To a knee jerk reaction of an open heart.
How my heart is reaching,
Extending out,
Its eyes are closed; in vain?

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It takes time and then you find you don't need them after all. I remember this twenty two year old topless dancer from Mansfield, Ohio....see what I mean?
very good...picture of a broken heart.....