VB ( / Phillipines)


Emotionally held hostage, in chains I am tied
Blackmailed and soul beaten time after time
He slices me with words and makes it all my fault
Burns into my self esteem till I equal no worth
Taken down to his level even further I sink
My privilages taken away I am no longer allowed to think

Like pieces of broken glass my control he shatters
Responsible for his life I am the reason for all that matters
Take and take, more of me disappears
He keeps on pushing till he can feed off my tears
He hungers for my sadness and wilted despair
He thirsts for my madness to try to make me care

Sorrow and confusion tries to take me to the ground
Unable to stand I cave to what surrounds
Feeling trapped, I need to find a way out
Needing to find happiness but I remain without
Not knowing if I will get away, I live in fear of doubts

He denies, lies, rationalizes, and tries
To change my reality of what's happening in life
Unable to trust myself my confidence he takes
Intensely jealous, everyone around me he hates
Veiled threats about withholding his love and leaving.
I try to walk away he, is irrational and seething
Serving this life sentence, not wanting to take what I am receiving
With only thinking one thought, it is only him that I am needing

Legs weakening I start to rise
I take a deep breath and close my eyes
Envisioning his smile and hear his voice urging me on
It feels like forever, like it has been so long
Since I left that rainy day, with him in rearview site
As the tears intensly fell, on that long an lonely night

The love of my life in a far distance I see
If I could just get up, I could finally be free
To conquer my fate, and capture my destiny
To be in his arms in the embrace of serenity

So sad I feel, I hate it here
Wanting away from my family and everything that's near
Only wanting him, in such sadness I yearn
More fiery and passionate my soul does burn
Every part of me wanting only his love and his embrace
I stand up and reach out my hand to an empty space
Only seeing a mirror and a pathetic face
From everything I use to be, to a sadden disgrace

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