SS (03/02/1990 / Washington)

Missing Child

I get off the bus
everyday after school
and when I look around
I see the same guy

I think nothing of it
since I'm only nine
but I always remembered
what my parents say

they told me not to
talk to strangers
they told me
to never walk alone

so i always walked
home with a friend
but one day he was sick
so i walked home alone

i didn't think anything of it
i thought what could happen
but when i let my guard down
that's when it happened

the man came up to me
and asked to walk me home
i hesitated but said sure
that was my first mistake

he told me since it was a long walk
that he could drive me home
so again i hesitated
but i eventually got in his truck

he was really nice to me
so i though he was my friend
but little did i know
he wanted to be more

he drove past my house
and then out of the city
i was so scared i couldn't move
i should've listened to my parents

he brought me to his house
about two hours away
he grabbed my hand
and took me inside

he abused me physically and mentally
he sexually harrased me
mentally an physically
i was scared to leave or say a thing

days turned into months
and months turned into years
but little did i know
my parents were looking for me

when this man was gone
a policeman came to the door
i was now 12 almost 13
so i opened the door

he said he got a call
of noise complants
i started crying and for the first time
told someone what was happening

he grabbed my hand
and took me back to the station
he called my parents
and told them the good news

i could beleive it
when i saw them there
nothing had changed
but i was very different

before all this
i was outtgoing and cheerful
now i was shy and timid
but can you blame me

after my parents got there
the officer gave me a hug and
he went back to the house
and arrested the man who took me

i lost 3 almost 4 years
of my life to this man
that's time i can't get back
time i missed with my family

listen to your parents
don't make the mistake i did
don't get in a staranger's car
and don't talk to them

if they come to you
run as fast as you can
or run to a neighboor
or even yell FIRE!

people will come running
when they hear fire
so if you feel uncomfortable
yell FIRE and listen to your parents.

by Shauna Stoltz

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