RL (1988 / Zagreb, Croatia)

Missing Crab

Have you seen my crab?
I lost it last night...
As soon as I got out of the cab,
It vanished from my sight...

And what a lovely crab it was,
With it's long legs, and rough claws.
If only I had seen, where he had went
I would not be searching through my heat vent...

Memories with the crab, will linger forever,
But the times with the crab, shall be lived,


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To MyPoemList ........
Cab was reaching for a rhyme, but the rhyme is nice even though I wish you had something other than cab. Maybe you could have used another word EVEN if it did not rhyme, but damn if I can think of a good one. Did your crab follow you everywhere? Wait a minute. Did you really have a crab at age 10? Too many commas for my taste, and a couple more minor points like a common 'error'..it's when you should have used its. Overall this was a good entertainment. And I liked reading your bio. Bri :) Nicely formed ending.