Everyone Needs Someone

People need people and friends need friends
And we all need love for a full life depends
Not on vast riches or great acclaim,
Not on success or on worldly fame,

But just in knowing that someone cares
And holds us close in their thoughts and prayers-
For only the knowledge that we're understood
Makes everyday living feel wonderfully good,

And we rob ourselves of life's greatest need
When we 'lock up our hearts' and fail to heed
The outstretched hand reaching to find
A kindred spirit whose heart and mind

Are lonely and longing to somehow share
Our joys and sorrows and to make us aware
That life's completeness and richness depends
On the things we share with our loved ones

by Helen Steiner Rice

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http: //www.cs.rice.edu/~ssiyer/minstrels/poems/202.html
http: //www.cs.rice.edu/~ssiyer/minstrels/poems/202.html The final quatrain of this villanelle: It is the poems you have lost, the ills From missing dates, at which the heart expires. Slowly the poison the whole blood stream fills. The waste remains, the waste remains and kills. Rage, Rage against the dying on this line!
Fascinated by this villanelle, but unable to penetrate its true meaning (if it has one) Most poems begin from the specific and may progress to a generalisation....this starts out with a generalisation and stays with it, unless I'm missing something. Would be glad to hear somebody tell me that I'm wrong and give their interpretation of this poem.