HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

Missing Element

Missing element defies sleep:
I wake up calling names,
illusion's plaything -
only you're never there
when eyes finally clear.
You're still in that realm from
which I was expelled.

& when consciousness
returns, reluctant
to assert its dominion
over dreamtime's mutable realm
I take a breath, look around
observing only
an empty space
and I, alone
among the scattered covers.

(Copyright 1/16/2006)

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Comments (4)

yes, hugh, i feel this poem goes well with my 'wake-up call'...and it is a very fine poem in itself. thanks! u.
This poem was inspired by a comment I made to a poem by Ulrike Gerbig. Her poem and my comment worked together in some mysterious way to inspire and produce this poem. Thanks to Ulrike and to my muse. Hugh
My eyes blurry after I read this poem, and in my attempt to write my comments. When a person is missing an essential part to their life or being...imagination saves the day, but never can it save the moment of realization....which hurts the most. Exceptional poem Hugh. Angie
Hugh, I can relate to this! Experiencing that rejection and awakening to discover a loss that wass not there...OR was it? I like 'Missing Element' L