Missing Him...

Poem By Akua Achampong

When you miss him so much that it burns in your chest,
Ripping the days off your calender,
Counting down till when you'll see him next.

And you hate yourself for being this way;
that this one boy could put you in a fiddle and cause such pain.
But you keep running back, thinking things'll be different.
Putting yourself through an emotional hurricane in search of some little improvement.

So when finally you can't take it anymore and 'let him have it'
and you come to your senses and break this bad habit...
could you help me please and let me know.
Cause im in the emotinal hurricane
and my true feelings are begining to show-
These feelings- so hard to tame,

Cause my chest IS burning
And my pages ARE ripping
and i so do hate myself for being this way.

Comments about Missing Him...

I really love this poem. It really describes me in a metaphorical state. Anyway, how do you pronounce your name? I'm sorry

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