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Missing Him
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Missing Him

No phones calls for days, nothing do I hear.
Sitting alone I'm left with nothing but my own fear.

Does he miss me, or wonder if I'm OK?
Does he even think of me, or just push me away.

I have pushed him for answers showered him with guilt.
But does he not understand, I feel alone and hurt.

I'm scared he doesn't love scared of loosing him,
Scared that I've invested in something that I will never win.

We had it so perfect and so right,
Now its a mess and I don't understand why.

My momma tells me to just let him go,
No man who really loves you would hurt you so.

But I remember it so clearly and can't make myself believe,
That a love so perfect could just no longer be.

I will continue each day,
And wait for him still,
Because I love him like no other and probably never will.

Copyright@July 2002

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