Missing Him

I've been missing him for months now
ever since that night,
That unexpected night
that would become our last fight.

It was all because of a question
a question I asked so small,
I didn't know it would end up
causing me to fall.

He ended it that night
I never saw it coming,
I didn't know just how to react
although my body numbing.

Life was even harder
as I couldn't get away,
He caught up to me before the sad
and said what he needed to say.

He asked for another chance
I ended up walking away,
My heart said please but my head said no
I just left with nothing to say.

He called me later that night
but I didn't answer my phone,
In the message I could hear the sadness in his voice
the sadness of us being alone.

Ever since that night
we've stayed on our own path,
And ever since three weeks ago
he's left me with just more math.

He tells me he still misses me
and that he wouldn't be happy without me,
So why is he thr..?
who he says makes ourlife happpy?

How could he stand to be without job
Job definitely right for him,
He know that there's no other way
and that i also trying to get with him?

He adviced me real
just to clear with my head,
Thn only he can leave here
feeling nothing but alone?

I changed his life around
but definitely for good,
I called him up and said at him
hoping he understood.

I called him back five minutes later,
because i needed to apologize,
I did this because my heart
it felt too small for it's size to be alone.

Ever since that day
we haven't spoken a word at all,
And there are times at home
my knees do I fall.

There are times I feel he avoids me
but then again I could be wrong,
I'll look at him even once
because I know it'll will keep me strong.

I hope we will end up together
one of these days again,
And once again see happiness
coming from within.

I never want to miss him
not ever do I wish,
Because when I went sad,
he was the greatest joy.

I Miss Him!

by AishwaryaBaiju ...

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Fine poem.full of feelings and longing for togetherness. Liked the poem.