Missing In Love

I lost track of loving you some time along the way
Finding it hard to breathe coz I no longer feel like I'm me
How did something like this go so terribly wrong?
I never wanted to write another heart break song

Everything seemed so perfect like the star had finally a lined
And when it all got to good the cracks begun to shine
Seeing imperfection everywhere I look and all of this pain
Is mine that I miss took

So this is what love feels like when you know you must walk away
Like a souring of emotion screaming out with pain
Knowing this is going to be my biggest gain

Ill stand out side in the pouring rain waiting for reality to set in
That I have done the right thing but pulling away.
I'm not gonna wonder why, coz its fait when you can't think of why you should stay
I'm not crying coz its okay I'm not goin to crash

This is meant to happen when love just fall part and makes you feel week
I will and you will see it was just not meant to be.

by Abbe Martin

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