Missing Links

Missing links strung out across the atmosphere, unattached
to any living being.

Tossed aside, filtered down to nothing, captured and held
with no pride.

Single file, stretched beyond imagination, living in hell
and knowing nothing of it's presence.

Serenely struck with sounds of music deftly playing in the
background of life's stare.

Billowing across strings of sorrow, gently plucking pain,
hurting inner strains of an unhappy soul, sacrificing
daily pockets of love for untoward recompense.

Dying on the edge of living, soundlessly hidden underneath
piles of ashes from burnt out fires.

Passing alone, beyond earthly graves, touching images of
graven idols.

Whiling away, ages of mystery in educated pleasures,
searching heavens of tomorrow, finding at the very least,
a touch of emptiness.

An expression of nothing living on the hearth of death's
handmaiden, scouring tiled floors with besmirched innocence.

Remarking never again will missing links live on earth.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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