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Missing Makes Madness Bloom

There is a madness
Inside us all
That touches our surface when
we are this hurt
When we can't stop shaking
When we just want to scream

-To get rid of the pain is-

I need to be like Van Gogh right now
The only solution is to cut my ear off
So I won't have to remember your voice
I need to sting my eyes out
So that the image of your smile
is finally
So that the physical pain will
replace the eternal itch in the back of my mind

-To get rid of the memories-

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missing makes madness bloom for sure
powerful and xtremely passionate - i just won't forgive you if you do any of the actions you deem as solutions - but very good for a poem, though - isn't that why poetry is a thing of beauty - we let our agonies speak - but honey, there is a balm for the madness we feel...
This is so true! If you really wanted to get rid of the pain, you must forget that which causes the pain...how much would one pay to see the pain end?