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Missing My Master

Missing My Master

I remember the day we met
We sat in seclusion when our eyes met I found myself
Stirring at a vision of a man I had only seen in my dreams
When we smiled at one another we laughed we talked
Time flew by but sometimes the world stood still just for us.

In time our friendship blossomed like that of
two beautiful roses entwined as one living spirit.

I remember the night we met
I pictured in my minds eye
how we laid together in so many of my dreams
Our warmth was flowing quenching our thirst,
our bodies and our minds went on a journey

Thereafter each moment when you were away
From me my soul bleed,
longing and waiting to look in your starry caped eyes
as we held each others hand.
Be with me and don’t go away
was the desire of my heart in our future tomorrows.
I will cherish each moment we are together
Like two lovers born to love only one another
My love & passion will always be yours

Tell me in places of your body that
I have not touched except in my mind’s eye
in my dreams from long ago
My lips are longing for our first kiss
Your loving spirit devours me,
I can see in our future
we will become interlocked
two souls merging making one spirit.
How well we have blended together
So much that we have became inseparable.
I tried to keep my love for you a secret at first
It is so over whelming my life is reborn!
My heart split open the day we met
and swallowed him body and soul.

How can I forget the moment?
When our lips met for the very first time and our tongues entwined
Everything was throbbing including our hearts
We made a sandwich with no space between us.
My legs around yours and your arms around me
We pushed ourselves gently together we became loves triangle
Giving me more pleasure than I have ever felt before.

Then your rhythm and my moans
became music in the night
When you took my mind and body to heaven,
I felt myself rising above the earth’s core,
It seemed like only moments we were soaring in the clouds
When you sowed your seeds in me,
you whispered in my ear
‘I love you”.
Only for a moment the woman in me stood proud
I’m your Venus and you’re my Mars!
Whisper in my ear baby tell me,
‘ what is racing threw your mind at this moment? ’
You took me into the heavens.
Now you have left me all alone,
I feel so sad the pain I feel tonight
will be the same in one million tomorrows
Wish you were here with me now
As no one can be as good as you
When I come there in my future dreams
please hug me and kiss me.
And remind me of our yesterdays
when we were intertwined and a love
we thought would never end was finished the day
you told me good bye it came to me that day
only one of us was truly in love.

Written By Rick Defalco Copyright ©2006 Pen Name: Dream Walker

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