RD (06-03-1987 / Sirohi, Rajasthan, India)

Missing Something, Am I? ?

seven years and seventy days
since i had gone home
loneliness is nothing to me now
i am born to live alone

diwali times come and go
but never budge my broken heart
even this festival of light
fails to make my darkness depart

something stings in corner of my chest
my blood begins to rebel
i wanna go home, i say
hope everyone there is well

my mother hails me in my dreams
lures me in every way
tears roll down my cheeks
dumbstruck! ! 'what can i say? '

'maa! i wanna come back
but i am down with load
its a life of ram here
follow the herd till the end of road'

'your father's ill', she lies
'he wants you back here
your sister's longing to see you
needs your love and care'

she tries to convince me with
thousand more lies and millions of reasons
despaired, i look up in hope
but alas! cold winds and mournful seasons

i sweat, murmur to myself
engulfed by some unknown fear
i get up from sleep, promising yet again
'mom! i'll surely be there next year

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Maya Angelou

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