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Missing You

If I said something wrong I’m sorry
If I played it wrong way, my bad,
never meant to, you know
that was not my intention..

You see, I thought we’re OK
all the things we’ve done
every game we’ve played
we hugged each other
when it was bad
we knew what to say
when one of us was sad

and after all - just like that
poof - you Keyser Sozed,
and that was it…

all the things we’ve shared
all the laughs we’ve had
all the words we’ve said
somehow.. I miss all that..

So nothing’s changed dear
I’m just sitting here
drinking my coffee
things are not too bad,
it’s kind of strange
a little sad
but I’ll be fine
oh well..
I just miss my friend.

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It's always sad to lose a friend Jaca...well written...thank you for sharing it...