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Missing You

I wished I could touch you to feel you once more
Feelings I felt when I was around you made my heart soar
I hear your voice echoing in my head now and again
Your laughter still lingers like it did back then

I remember the day when we first met each other
It was a day I would remember introduced by your brother
Fifty years to the day I remember being on bended knee
Asking for your hand in marriage and how you smiled down at me

We were young then our whole lives ahead of us
You gave me a beautiful daughter, oh how we made a fuss
Our lives were filled with change they had really just begun
Two years from our daughter’s birth you graced me with a son

Our children grew to become young adults with children of their own
I wished you could see the grandkids god how they have grown
You’re still the first person I see each day and the last I see each night
I keep your picture by the bed right here beside the light

I think about you always as I lay here with tear filled eyes
Thinking about our last days together and our last tearful goodbyes
I know you’re up there somewhere, waiting as you have for me in the past
Waiting for me to join you together again at last

Once again this night I’ll get down on bended knee
Clasp my hands together and ask god to bring me to thee
I miss you more and more each day as I linger for your touch
Lost and lonely here without you god I miss you so much

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excellent excellent write here dear friend.......so very very emotional about how true love never ends and how the heart literally breaks without the other in their life......i know this first hand......when my grandma died after being married for 55 years....my grandpa died of a broken heart....literally died of a broken heart.....he had no reason to live without her......they said cause of death was 'natural' but we as the family knew why he passed......he wanted to be with his love again! ! ! ! Brian
thats lovely.thats how i feel sometimes, it just makes you realise how much you acctualy miss someone when there not there with you anymore. i loved reading this poem its great. love stacey xxx