EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Missing You.

I've been there waiting,
with tears in my eyes and a heart in my hand.
My fear grew and overrating,
what if we didn't meet but i don't understand.
Have i crossed your mind?
did you even thought of seeing me today?
Don't leave me far behind,
i will never breathe if you were away.
I never told a lie,
and no one dare to call my heart a lier.
For you i cry and i die,
in pain i find my all burning with fire.
And even mercy came from the flames,
not from you the one i despairdly adore.
And even if you called my love other names,
you are the one i'll love and die for.
Maybe we never understood each other,
but it's just because we hadn't time.
But that never meant we don't love one another,
and that never meant you aren't mine.
And i'm yours till the very end,
or till destiny decides other wise.
Your are more than love to me and a friend,
my all goes wasted for the sake of your eyes.
I'm missing you,
and i'm dying to see you soon.
What i'm through,
of sad days of sky with no moon.
And all again to be wasted when,
we meet and i see the one i love.
And i feel the great love within,
and i know that i own more than enough.
And i know that my life worth a while,
and that it's not as bad as i thought it was.
And i'll learn all over again to smile,
and i'll breathe but for a cause..
Don't let go of my when my love is true,
don't let go of some one dying because,
he is missing you...

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