' Missing You

Why is the emptiness so cold?
Is it because I'm growing old?
The fire glows in the distance,
Too far away to comfort these old bones;
Always in need of something more -
Another kiss, another tender caress,
Dependent and needy,
Weak and unfulfilled am I,
Unable to find me within myself.........
You are gone and I am lost.


by Linda Ori

Comments (6)

I'm no more the manifestation of verse but at backstage of your melodies I don't figure in your songs but the silence that connect sense to syllables
I'm glad I know you well enough to know that (even if you may have felt so at the time of composition) the last four lines are simply untrue. That doesn't detract from the fact that it is a heartache-inducing, memorable piece. t x
Hi linda - this is a lovely POESIE DE COEUR frm a very lovely lady. Age is a myth - when you realy realy love someone it lasts forever. Distance is another matter but with PH we can send cerebral hugs and kisses across the miles. We are here and you are not lost in Utah - we all love you! I score you MAX for its very very poignant content. Love in Poetry - JOHN X
Linda, a poignant poem on someone missing from ones life. Top Marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. Hugs David
Though the beloved has gone the thoughts are there to console you! It will make you pull on!
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