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Just Once
DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

Just Once

Poem By Anne Sexton

Snowy, snowy night
Paint the hill tops all in white
Let the rivers flow with ice
Make the raindrops fall as hale
Whispered breath a smoky kind of grey
As we wonder in the coldness
Of our winter’d dreams.

I did once love you
And I love you now
Even in the coldness
Of this frozen hour.

Your lips are all I can, ever miss
Frozen, waiting for your kiss
Bringing warmth and summertime,
To the cold and bitter dark.
That is all I find
When you are not, so, very, near.

Snowy, snowy night
Please come back home to me
And bring that warm
And gently loving face
The one that I do, so much, miss.
Ohh how I wish that you
Were always here.
Then nothing
would; I; fear.

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