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Missing You Already
MAR (March 11,1992 / Fremont, California)

Missing You Already

Poem By Marie Alexandra R. Ibarra

Looking up at the stars,
I pray to God that you're alright,
Even though you're so far away.

Weeping so hard,
I just can't help myself,
To see that you're so far away.

Calling you up,
So late at night,
I don't want to dropp the phone,
As you're so far away,
I won't be able to see you anymore.

Time goes fast,
Sometimes slow,
I wanted to kill time,
Since I can't let you go,
As you're so far away.

I love you,
I love you,
I love you so much,
Why did I have to leave?

I wasn't ready –
As we're so far away –
From each other.

What is there to explain;
Of how much I love you,
How much I care,
How much I worry,
How much I miss you as…
You are so far away.

But I know I'll see you soon,
There is always hope,
I'll always stand up strong,
For I'm proud of knowing

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